Sumners Fishing Ponds

Sumners Lake, the larger specimen waters, is stocked with carp to 34 lb, perch to 4 lb, chub to 6lb, bream to 7lb, roach to 2lb and pike to 15lb.  In Farm Pond, the smaller but more mature of the ponds, we have carp to to 24lb, roach, tench, rudd, chub, perch and crucians.

Set on its own is the 3.5-acre, landscaped match lake  which provides prolific fishing with barbel, chub, carp, crucians, tench and roach. Primarily designed for the match fisherman but provides great sport for the day ticket fisherman too.

The latest addition is our two acre Ribbon Lake which is, as its name implies, a meandering ribbon of water with islands to fish from. This new lake is well stocked with silver fish such as tench, chub, barbel, bream and crucians,  is popular with match fishermen and is ideal for beginners or parent and child teams, as they can be guaranteed a successful catch on most visits.

Alan, our resident Bailiff is usually available for help and advice on every aspect of fishing at Sumners Ponds and he keeps a  well stocked bait and tackle section in our campsite café and shop. Live baits such as maggots and worms are always available.

Sumners Fishing Ponds

Chapel Road
Barns Green
West Sussex
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